seungyeon’s message to her future boyfriend.

Anonymous said: A good hara fan acc is haradaily and justhara

ah, yes! but that anon was asking for a blog that post only graphics/gifs of hara and haradaily and justhara are blogs only for updates of her. thank you anyway for telling us, anon ;-)

Anonymous said: Hiii! I <3 your blog! Just wanted to ask, do you know any good graphics/gifs site dedicated to Hara?

as far as we know, right now there aren’t active blogs dedicated only to make hara’s graphics/gifs, but these are some blogs that regulary post kara in general but mostly hara: pickthestarsreggierockets, goo-hara, onceupon-a-miracle …
if you guys know more, please tell us :3

Anonymous said: Hello.. can u please post/make gif of hara winking scene when she says "it's so amazing" in mama mia mv... please and thank you so much ..!!!

done! ^^

"I always started my day with you
And ended it with you again
But I couldn’t stand my heart that was cooling down little by little…”

Anonymous said: I want to watch the ask kara but are there subtitles? Any sites?

yes, watch it here on LOEN channel! you only need to activate the subs :-)

Hey, play that music
today I’ll go wherever I want
So I can get drunk in this night scent, in this atmosphere